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Why Thank You Cards Should Be Essential To Your Online Business

Why Thank You Cards Should Be Essential To Your Online Business

a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles

If you are running an online business, chances are you have one of the two, if not both:

  1. Customers

  2. Clients

We also know that if your dream job doesn’t exist, you have to create it. I fully believe this is something our generation is extremely lucky to have in their back pockets. That being said, our online presence is being oversaturated with entrepreneurs who might give the rest of us a negative view.

Those of us running successful business, like me, want to do a couple things:

  • Create a giant impact on this earth with the time I have been graciously provided

  • Encourage and empower others, and incorporate that into my mission

  • Give and create a purpose for myself

Not to take anyones money. Ever.

It’s not about being perfect and making millions, honestly. It is about the effort, impact, purpose, and legacy I am leaving behind in this world. It giving my all into my business, even on the days where I don’t feel like showing up. It is watching my personal and business growth rise and fall in waves. Running an online business is about the transformation, and being flexibly dedicated.

I have tried numerous thank you cards for when I am mailing out giveaway prizes, gift cards, or products to customers; and I use them for thanking my larger clients. I could never find a card that just appealed to me. Huckleberry Paper sent me a sample of their thank you cards and I am hooked!

So, why did I bring up thank you cards…

Why Thank You Cards Should Be Essential To Your Online Business

Thanking your long term clients or customers ensures the relationship is appreciated.

I had my first big partnership with a hotel, Falcon Crest Lodge, and knew that I had to go out of my way to ensure they knew how much I truly appreciated the entire gifted stay! (You can read more here on 6 reasons to go on a baby moon!)

Huckleberry Paper graciously sent me some thank you cards to try out, and I am in love! They were thicker than the normal cards you would find at Walmart or Winners, and are extremely affordable for when I want to repurchase. I had used one of these cards to thank the gorgeous hotel we stayed at, and I felt as if I was a true professional.

I know my efforts in our partnership really set the tone with our relationship, but the thank you note completely sealed the deal!

I am currently working with a business coach, and I am planning on sending her a thank you card with a gift card in it because of her patience and guidance with me.

The main thing is: when working with companies, clients, or customers through an online platform or business, you need to set the tone and stand out! Which brings me to my next point..

You will stand out from the masses!


I know that standing out, while being yourself, is sometimes a difficult task to accomplish.

I found that speaking from the heart when I write my thank you notes truly establishes a strong connection. Entrepreneurship is an incredibly lonely journey sometimes, and connection and relationships seem to resolve that issue.

I work with some brands and companies, and those that have larger campaigns or projects with me, I am more than happy to go out of my way to make sure we can truly grow in our professional relationship.

Click here for the merci beaucoup thank you card.

Word of mouth plays a significant role in growth.

I remember landing my first social media managing client, and she referred me to at least 5 others. Within my first month of starting, I was completely booked up. It felt like a dream come true, and I was flabbergasted.

It costed her absolutely nothing, and she was being completely genuine when referring me, becasue she knew I got the job done right the first time. I knew that I had to go out of my way to thank her, so I actually sent her a second thank you card from Huckleberry Paper!

I snuck this “Thinking Of You” picture right from their site, and I actually have this on my supply list for this month!

Think about this: if spending an entire $3 per card and mailing cost could increase your revenue, word of mouth references, and growth, why wouldn’t you??

Valuing genuine connection over a pay cheque will ensure success in the long run.

I have came across so many people on Instagram, Facebook, or even their blog, and I felt as if I was just being pitched at and sold to the entire time. It was super infuriating because I just wanted to gain some connection in this crazy online world!

I know that from my view, having someone take the time out of their day to make sure I knew I was valued, appreciated, and I was more than just another sale or number has almost forever stayed in my good books. Not that they weren’t in my good books before, but I truly felt like we had flourished because of a simple gesture.

I feel as if sending an old fashion, hand written card in the mail is so overlooked, but I am telling you that this is totally appreciated in every way.

If you happen to send out a thank you note to anyone and are inspired by this, tag me on Instagram @adrianne.reelie so I can watch your journey!

I’m sure after reading this, you will have to pick up some cards and start mailing them out like crazy!

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