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How To Get Started as a Virtual Assistant

How To Get Started as a Virtual Assistant

She sets her mind on things above, not on earthly things.

Colossians 3:2

I get asked all of the time: How did you get started as a virtual assistant?

I sat on this thought for such a long time, trying to create this perfect and graceful response.

Truthfully, I just woke up one day and decided to start dreaming, and start creating! The process was messy, but I always say: done is better than perfect.

As you know, it took me some time to find what I was good at, and how to really create something for myself!

Here are my steps into getting started as a VA!

Ask yourself: What am I good at?

I have some questions you should really sit down and ask yourself! There is absolutely no wrong answer to any of these questions. It will help you determine which niche you want to dive into, and where to focus!

  1. Do I enjoy writing?

  2. What is my expertise when it comes to online duties? (book keeping, messaging, managing emails, organization, content creation, phone calls, booking in clients, paper work.)

  3. Do I enjoy social interaction?

  4. Do I work well under pressure?

  5. Can I visualize well?

  6. Can I provide mentorship well?

Remember: you are the only one seeing these answers!

Who is your ideal client?

You need to be able to connect with your ideal client on multiple levels. This includes: having an understanding on how their brain works, how to assess and redirect conversation with them, and know how to deliver a service to them!

Truly dig into you dream client! Dream of this individual, and pretend you are in a perfect world. You can create the most amazing work experience, and hand pick every trait of this client! What does this all look like?

  • Are they a mom? Single? Married? Woman or male?

  • Who do they serve? Can you connect with their ideal client?

  • What is their personality like?

  • What do they enjoy doing?

  • What are important morals and values to share?

  • Are they someone you would go to coffee with?

Let’s chat: pricing.

Most VA’s make between $20- $30 an hour.

That being said, why are you worth as much as you charge? Let’s dive into some questions to gain clarity and address this!

  • Why should someone invest in you and your services, compared to the next VA?

  • Do you have experience? If not, start on the low end of the spectrum.
    For every positive client experience AND written review, you can slowly increase your pay $1-2.50 per hour. I suggest starting between $15/hr for NO experience and $18/hr for little experience. Serve your client to the fullest, and repair mistakes without charge to ensure a positive client experience in the beginning.

  • How much do you need to make a month to live a life you love, and how many hours a month are you willing to put in?
    Ex. You can work 5 hours a week, and need to make a minimum of $100. You need to charge at least $20/hr to hit your goal!
    Note: you cannot charge $100/hr and work 5 hours a week just because your goal is $2000 a month. Be realistic about the average wage, what you are offering, and why your pricing is worth it.

Mindset, let’s change it!

I remember feeling the “lack mindset” when it came to booking clients. I want to break it down for you. You don’t need thousands of clients, you truly only need a few in order to create a sustainable income!


If your lowest cost, basic package was $300 for a 15-20 hour project, you would only need 4 clients to make $1200 a month, and work part time hours!

If you had a higher investment package starting at $1000 for a 40 hour project, you could only have 1 to generate a side income, or a couple to replace your 9-5 income.

My point: mindset is everything. There are enough clients to go around. Focus on creating a positive client experience!

I wrote a post all about Podcast For The Everyday Mama that can introduce any mama’s to the podcast world to help with mindset!

Other podcasts I love to help me with my mindset:

  • Goal Digger

  • Earn Your Happy

  • Mom is in Control

  • Mommy Millionaire

Other forms of personal development:

How to actually land a client…

This part is as easy, or as difficult, as you decide to make it!

  • There are TONS of groups on Facebook that allow you to connect with others who post job ads! I am not joking, type: Virtual Assistant Jobs and boom. Your first group will pop up.

  • Tell everyone you know what you are doing! Sometimes your friend might know a friend looking to hire! Sometimes your Facebook post gets seen by the right person!

  • Pitch yourself to your dream clients, tastefully! You see a local coffee shop that has the cutest shop, but not a lot of customer traffic? Offer to be their social media assistant.
    See a local mom + pop’s store that doesn’t get enough credit, even though you know they could double their sales just with social media? Pitch yourself!

How to tastefully pitch yourself 101

  1. Introduce yourself super briefly. “Hello, Elizabeth! I hope you are having a wonderful day. My name is Adrianne. I am a mom, blogger, I love beige coffee, and thrive on helping other business thrive.”

  2. Actually state what you genuinely love about their product, service, location, or personality. (This part depends if it is a coffee shop, clothing boutique, individual, etc.!)

  3. State how you could genuinely help them.
    Ex. Create engaging social media posts to create more traffic + knowledge about location. This could potentially increase their sales!
    Ex. Manage and organize emails and inboxes, reply to messages on behalf, and create relationships with current or future customers and clients. This creates mores space for them to focus in other areas of their business.
    Ex. Organize any and all finances. This can give them an outline of where their spending habits are going wrong, give them the space and time to focus in other areas of business, and take a task off their plate.

  4. Tastefully end the message.
    “I am extremely excited to hear back from you!”
    Feel free to leave your website or Instagram handle for them to get to peek at the “real you”!

If this has helped you in any way shape or form, absolutely let me know! I was hoping that I would be able to serve you with some free education, just to start the ball rolling.

I hope you have a wonderful day,



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