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5 Things You Have To Know About: Freelance Writing

5 Things You Have To Know About: Freelance Writing

As a little girl, my dream was to be a writer. I was always incredibly discouraged by others when they told me I would never make a career out of it. Ever.

I grew up looking for more “realistic” jobs. Social work, anything education, health care…

Then I realized, I loved people and serving others, but I would always have that dream of being a writer stuck to me forever. When I had my second baby, I realized I needed to add a stream of income to our household. I tried everything.



MLM (hated), photography (loved, but childcare was hard to establish), babysitting for others in my home, and then I stumbled upon freelance writing….

My very first article, I was paid $0.02 per word (USD, so I little but more for us Canadians.) It worked out to be $70. I was almost in tears someone loved my writing enough to pay me, and it took about an hour to have a perfect piece for them!

Without further ado, let’s jump into what you gotta know about pursing freelance writing!

5 Things You Have To Know About: Freelance Writing

The pay doesn’t always seem substantial, but it builds up over time.

I used to think… dang. It is just $70. That isn’t worth the time. But what if it’s 10 articles @ $70 each? That could be 8- 12 hours of work for $700!

I truly had to work on shifting my mindset.

If you have never read the book “The Compound Effect”, first of all, go buy it. Second of all, you will know that all those little, teeny, tiny baby steps build up over time! They eventually create new habits, new accomplishments, and a big results.

Avoid websites such as: Freelancer, Upwork, and Fivver

Quick list of reasons why:

  • Large pay deductions from the site fee

  • Tons of spammy job offers.

  • You have to pay to get legit, high paying clients

  • If you create a connection off the platform, you are no longer protected under those sites policies.

  • Everyone is price shopping, so it is never about the value of you or your work, but how cheap they can pay.

  • There is a lack of respect for the freelancer, because true clients who want value, don’t look on these sites! Jorden said it herself on her blog: to clients, Upwork is like the dollar store of shopping for freelance writers. This does not reciprocate value in you, in any way. is the ONLY website I recommend.

Facebook and social media groups are a really good place to network if done right!

*** Note: I did not say send a “Hey, girl!” message, and immediately spam people with your offer. no no no no no ***

This means commenting and helping other entrepreneurs however you can, building true friendships with others, participating in “following/ commenting/ link sharing” threads, and posting casually in the groups!

I do not believe in building connections for money. EVER. People are not your paycheque. I look at it as putting good karma into the world, and being positively known.

Starting out means overdelivering, especially for long term clients

Why would you at least slightly overdeliver if you want long term clients who refer you?

  • you build good, solid connections with successful business owners.

  • if someone knows the value in investing in you, and see some sort of ROI (return on/of investment), they will likely purchase your services again OR refer you to someone who will.

  • good referrals and relationships are all around wonderful things to surround yourself + possible future business.

  • often, this can lead to a pay raise or a bonus. DO NOT put all your eggs in your basket, but I have had this happen multiple times.

Write for niches you genuinely love

I know I love writing about things that describe me! Motherhood, budgeting, delicious foods, business, mental health, the list could go on! I encourage you to look at the following:

  1. What are your passions or niches you genuinely love? (motherhood, art, DIY, cooking, budgeting, education)

  2. What types of businesses could benefit from your service? Search into that, and don’t be afraid to reach out!

  3. Think about this: you have to write an article for a company. They give you a choice:
    - To write about something you are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about
    - To write about something you have no idea about
    Chances are, writing about something you love will take half the time, twice the fun, and make you feel so successful and useful with your time!

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