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How I Stay on Top of Content Creation

How I Stay on Top of Content Creation

organization is a form of self respect

signed by: every entrepreneur and mom ever

The very first thing I learned if I wanted to reduce my anxiety and overwhelm, and increase my income:


This played in every aspect of my life and home. Here is a short list of what I started doing:

  • I started buying foods in bulk, and meal prepping. I make enough to feed a family of 20, then I have a minimal cooking to do for lunches, and even repurpose many of the left overs for dinners. I save literal hours this way!

  • Creating a time schedule, blocked hour by hour, to keep me on task. This goes for all things cleaning, cooking, time with kids, work, and I leave room for life to happen.

  • I now cycle our toys. We regularly donate, but we keep 1/2 in a garbage bag under the stairs, and cycle them out with the “old” to reduce clutter, and gain our kids interest.

  • I plan content for my social media platforms ahead of time!

  • I try to stay as “ahead” as humanly possible!

content creation schedule

(I created this on google docs and played around! I am no designer when it comes to calendar content.)

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 9.47.37 AM.png

I started getting serious about my blog in the beginning of April, my podcast end of April, and virtual assistant work in May. I found ways to schedule on my blog and within the podcast platform, but for some reason, I didn’t have a content schedule!

I was missing out on optimizing my time so that I could spend less time in my business, and work on my business.

note: I started this calendar June 1, and took a screenshot. This is an ongoing project.

On the left: Calendar

This is an overview of each month! I highlight the big days like podcast episodes and blog content. I do not highlight days that are engaging content, or regular content for Facebook or Instagram! This let’s me know where I need to focus.

The 2 Middle Sections: My Big Content Focus Points

My podcast and blog are my BIG focus points. I post on The Gram and Facebook plenty, so that is usually where my CTA (aka: call to actions) happen!

Everything highlighted in purple is my podcast- Purpose Over Perfection!
(You can find it on EVERY platform out there!)

Everything in pink is my blog! So, including this post is going to be on the calendar. Trust me, you will know which day it was scheduled for by the date of the publish date!

I would write in what days I wanted everything to be published ahead of time. This gave me something to work on, and an overview of my weeks and month. Then, I would highlight when I created content that was scheduled onto one of my platforms!

Columns N- V: Daily View During The Week

I purposely never have my podcast or blog posted on the same day. I like reserving each day for it’s own special piece of content!

This lets me see what days are BIG focus days. I usually spend a ton of time on the in-between days growing my social media, creating engaging posts so my followers see the important content, and I brain storm unique ways to chat about it in a LIVE or on my Insta stories!

The Last Column: Unknown

I feel like this would be a great notes section, or place to put guest piece notes! Truth be told, I do no have a ton of guest posts quite yet, and would love to eventually have once a week highlighted guest posts!

how do you do it

  1. Brainstorm content that will connect with your ideal audience

  2. Find an automation platform, like Hootsuite, to schedule all your content. This way, it is created and you can forget about it.

  3. I do not let myself fall more than 3 weeks ahead (behind?) schedule. My goal is to always have 1 months worth of content on the go, so that if a tragedy or unexpected turn of events happen, my business still lives on!

  4. I practice deep self care, personal development, self love, and give myself grace!

I would love to know: was this helpful? I felt like sharing the basic bones of how I stay on top of my content scheduling and creation may be of service to you! If you want to see more, let me know!



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