Surviving Bed Rest with 2 Under 2

You are not weak for needing time to rest.

Here is my bedrest story summed up if you are unaware.

**** if you have any triggers in regards to pregnancy and/ or pregnancy loss, I advice you to scroll passed my little blurb, and go directly to the numbered tips!

Happy First Pregnancy

Looking back, I wish I had more guidance how to be happy during my first pregnancy. Not worrying, not stressed, not scurrying. Just happy. Here are my tips that will SAVE you: confidence, self care, therapy, nutrition…

My Biggest Tips For Successful Breastfeeding

The absolute first thing I want to say is this: fed is best. No questions asked.

Scientifically, we do know breastmilk is better. It is the biological fact of life.
But, formula is such a wonderful aide to mama’s who need that extra support, and to babies who need to be fed!
I wanted to add a disclaimer that I am not bias or hold any judgement to those who do not breastfeed. But, as this is a post about breastfeeding, let’s leave the formula chat behind :)

Now, here is to what you are really here for! Here are my tips to a successful breastfeeding journey: