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10 Reasons Not To Cry It Out | By: Morgan

So…Sleep Training! Grab a cup of coffee and a seat because this is going to be a LONG one! If there’s a topic I’ve been nervous to talk about, it’s definitely this. It is a very polarizing topic, and for good reason. Sleep is necessary for everyone but is especially precious for new parents! Sleep training is something that every parent nowadays hears about, whether from their pediatrician, their momma friend, or their momma.

Dear Lady In The Grocery Store...

I have always believed children are a blessing, but our society has been so regulated into making them seem as if they are burdens. I was uplifted to hold a conversation with someone who believed in the same ideology.

You shared with me how you had 4 wonderful children, and you would have had more, but unfortunate circumstances struck. You empowered me to have the biggest family that our home, hearts, and arms could hold.

You promised me that I would never regret having tons of children, and I believe you.

Podcast For The Everyday Mama

I have a secret… I hate how we make motherhood look like we need coffee, wine, complaining sessions, and unhealthy diets to get through our “horrible, unfulfilling” days with our children and life. I want to introduce a new concept…

We can live fulfilling lives without alcohol to cope, negativity sessions with friends, fast food 24/7 for comfort eating, or a coffee addiction to function (my coffee addiction is just for the flavour because DUH!).

One step to changing our mindset is ultimately through personal growth.

Surviving Bed Rest with 2 Under 2

You are not weak for needing time to rest.

Here is my bedrest story summed up if you are unaware.

**** if you have any triggers in regards to pregnancy and/ or pregnancy loss, I advice you to scroll passed my little blurb, and go directly to the numbered tips!

Happy First Pregnancy

Looking back, I wish I had more guidance how to be happy during my first pregnancy. Not worrying, not stressed, not scurrying. Just happy. Here are my tips that will SAVE you: confidence, self care, therapy, nutrition…