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Survival Guide: Thriving with 2 Under 2

Survival Guide: Thriving with 2 Under 2

“How can there be too many children? That’s like saying there are too many flowers.”

- Mother Teresa

Having children close together is a blessing in itself! There is a lot of patience, routine, organization, and dedication that goes into running a somewhat smooth routine!

Organize, organize, organize!

My mental space has SO much to do with the way my home looks like. No, I am not a perfectionist by any means, bit clutter in my home = clutter in my brain. I prefer a tidy + sanitary home… don’t we all?

It honestly is nearly impossible, and the act of organizing and decluttering is an endless task!

I wrote a blog post here about how I decluttered my home, and I do this frequently, y’all! It still is destroyed with toys, Cheerios, and random sippy cups, don’t let my “organize” tab, fool you!

Be minimal as possible

This goes back to my organization point. When you are chasing a walking toddler, a little baby, trying to keep yourself semi- intact, and keep a house hold in order, the last things you need is clutter and chaos. The 2 things that get under our skins as mama’s!

Try this tip: if you have an overabundance of toys, put half in garbage bags in your storage room, and cycle out the toys every few months. Not only will your kids be thrilled they have “new” toys, you will actually have less toys to clean up since half are always put away!

This doesn’t always go for JUST the children’s items! This goes for your closet- making sure you love your clothes and have easy choices, and put away the clothes or sell the clothes that don’t fit or bring you joy!

Lower your expectations

Seriously, I know I just brought up the organization and minimalist points, but girl. You just had 2 kiddos SO close together. Mine were just over a year and a month apart, and my oldest wasn’t even walking when we had baby #2!

Have your top 3-4 manageable priorities. Mine were:

  1. Dishwasher loaded + unloaded.

  2. Laundry going from in the wash, washed, to the drier, and dry (not counting folding!)

  3. Sweep at the end of the day.

If you end up doing more like wiping the counters, going to a play group, getting real clothes on, organizing something

you go girl

But if not, that is absolutely okay. Grace is key!

Routine is key

Your kids need to have 2 main routines: nap + food. Those are the only 2. They should expect a certain- ish time that they will expect food, and a certain- ish time they know they will get quiet time! Do not over think this, because if it isn’t on the dot, the world won’t end!

The house needs to have 3 manageable priorities (mentioned above), and if possible, 1x a week where you do a good 1 hour clean to recover your week, and continue with your life!

Your work if you are a blogger, entrepreneur, or even if you go BACK to work. What ever that looks like! I think that keeping the 3 manageable priorities to the home, and learning to meal prep/ utilize a crock pot, and use free resources to stay organized is so key to having a stress free work life. I actually have a FREE organization bundle here!

Find God (or The Universe… or both!) daily

I find such a deep sense of relieve when I have a routine with my spirituality! Let me share why I try so hard to get up at 5, and I want to share how I fit it in with 2 little kiddos and why!

  1. I get up at 5 to have 1-3 hours of alone time (depends on the day!)

  2. When I find God and/ or The Universe, I am able to connect; reduce all my stress and triggers; and become more present and mindful with my children and life.

  3. I will enjoy coffee or tea, with water in hand, some sort of snack, grab a journal, pen, and a bible if applicable. I will set up on my favourite love seat or at my desk with my rocking chair and get comfy. I will not move for at least 30 minutes of solid soul fulfilling connection, journaling, my snack + coffee gone, and a short meditation!

  4. Try this, and you will feel incredibly sane through the day- no matter what occurs!


Discover your soul + purpose

This is how I found out about blogging! I have always wanted to be an author and I am a major empath who loves to share.

SO, yeah, hello!

Blogging, social media, and being a entrepreneur in this day and age was something that I do for a hobby, and growing as a business!

But, this does not have to be a business. This could be:

  • Volunteering at an old folks home (we do it and the kids and I LOVE it!!)

  • Crochet, knitting, sewing

  • Writing for fun

  • Training for marathons

  • Getting into fitness

  • Joining an advocacy group

  • Attending college

  • Investing in a coach or course

  • Apply to a job you’ve wanted

Fill your jug…

Mama, you need to take care of you and keep your “jug” full!

Your children need you to fill their glasses multiple times a day. Sometimes millions…

Ideas to fill your jug:

  • Have a bath or shower alone.

  • Eat healthy, and treat your body as a temple

  • Find your passion

  • Connect to God or The Universe

  • Journal + meditate

  • Declutter your entire life

  • Surround yourself with positive and loving people.

  • Learn to say no

  • Take up a hobby or go to event that lights your soul on fire

REMEMBER: They aren’t giving you a hard time, they are HAVING a hard time.

Know your support system!

My mom, sister, mother in law, and a handful of friends are blessings in my life for always sticking out a hand and loving on our family. Know your support, and accept help.

If you do not have support, seek out friends who can turn into your support system, and vice versa!

Love yourself— the chaos, the new body, the growth, the difficult seasons.

You will not be a perfect mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter, worker, or whatever other titles you may carry.

You will not be able to ever control other people (your children, husband, friends, family, society).

You can choose to embrace the chaos, love yourself as a whole, and grow!

What are your biggest take aways for surviving 2 under 2??

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