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My Biggest Tips For Successful Breastfeeding

My Biggest Tips For Successful Breastfeeding

The absolute first thing I want to say is this: fed is best. No questions asked.

Scientifically, we do know breastmilk is better. It is the biological fact of life.
But, formula is such a wonderful aide to mama’s who need that extra support, and to babies who need to be fed!
I wanted to add a disclaimer that I am not bias or hold any judgement to those who do not breastfeed. But, as this is a post about breastfeeding, let’s leave the formula chat behind.

Now, here is to what you are really here for!

Here are my tips to a successful breastfeeding journey:

Meal Plan.

It is not a secret that whole, clean foods are what is best for you. I think it is extremely important to make sure you are eating a balanced diet of 3 meals and 2-3 snacks a day. Nutrient dense food is not only going to keep you fuller longer, but it will also benefit your sweet babe! Do NOT get calorie obsessed; just focus on positive foods!

To put things into perspective, if you have 1000 calories of McDonald burgers and 1000 calories of fruits and veggies, which is going to keep you: satisfied, energetic, and also benefit your health and breastfeeding journey? (Tip: this isn’t a trick question.)

I made my favourite no bake energy bites that were a life saver during my breastfeeding journey! They were packed with ingredients that truly helped with boosting my supply, and were a delicious snack.

Keyword: nutrient dense foods

Water Intake.

Water not only assists with digestion, skin, and headaches, but you can take a wild guess why it is important when breastfeeding.
Did you take basic math in school? Great!
Here is an equation for making sure you are reaching a great water intake goal:

Your weight in lbs ÷ 2 = the amount of ounces you should drink daily.

Example: If Anne weighs 160 lbs, she would need to drink 80 oz of water.

Water consumption is absolutely a MUST for breastfeeding!


My favourite herb to take while being a woman with periods, hormones, experienced pregnancy, breastfeeding, and postpartum is: red raspberry leaf.

Red raspberry leaf tones and tightens the uterine line, helps balance hormones, prepares the uterus for pregnancy AND labour, boost fertility, relief of nausea, factually helps reduce interventions with birth, factually related to shorter birth length, helps with digestion, and is nutrient dense in the goods.

Vitamins: B + C; Minerals: magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorus

Interesting excerpt from a great website: Red raspberry leaves contain polyphenols like tannins and flavonoids, which act as antioxidants in your body and can help protect cells from damage. In addition, the leaves contain small amounts of ellagic acids, which have been shown to neutralize carcinogens and even contribute to the self-destruction of cancer cells.
If you think it’s too good to be true, click the underlined text above, and here for more info.


I understand some of you may disagree with me here, but I am not here for an argument.

When you have people that support you breastfeeding in public (cover or without cover is irrelevant), this will ultimately change your breastfeeding journey.

Being able to be comfortable and supported outside of your home and breastfeed is truly a blessing, and a huge roll to long term breastfeeding. Let go of the stress; let go of the judgement; let go of everything negative about breastfeeding. You are doing your job by feeding your child. THAT is what matters!

I wanted to add this side note in: this is the tea that SAVED my life when I was newly pregnant with Zendaya, but trying really hard to breastfeed Maverick still! I wrote a blog post about the best baby shower gift and I included this… FOR THAT REASON!

If you are unaware, pregnancy has the capabilities to start drying up your milk, or reducing your supply I heavily relied on this tea, as well as red raspberry leaf to continue my breastfeeding journey.


Having some sort of schedule or comforting regime helped me know that: I was breastfeeding regular and often, thus keeping my supply up. I found that the more often I listened to exactly my baby’s cues when they were hungry and ready to be fed, the more I have developed a routine that worked for us!

Haakaa or Pumping.


I wrote a post all about how a haakaa saved my breastfeeding journey! It is a device that attaches via suction to your breast that gently pulls out milk from the pressure. I suction it to myself right before I would breastfeed, and I would get anywhere from 1-3 ounces because it collected what would have leaked! H

Here is a link to your very own haakaa!

I wasn’t a fan on pumping often to keep upping my supply, because I felt as if I was getting nothing, which stressed me out, which in turn decreased my supply. #UltimateFail

My favourite pumping tip is to put a sock over the milk collector so you cannot see at all how much you are pumping. When you are able to sit and relax when pumping, your body releases more milk! I tested this a few times and I do not believe it was a coincidence that I got more 9/10 I used this trick!

Disclaimer: Please speak to a physician or lactation consultant about any medical advice, diet changes, and milk supply questions, as I am not a doctor. This is my experience, which I am sharing with you.

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