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How To Afford To Be A Stay At Home Mom: Ways To Make Money

How To Afford To Be A Stay At Home Mom: Ways To Make Money

Don’t worry- you don’t have to hold your breath.

I am giving you real and practical ideas to make money from home. You do not need to be a business owner, an entrepreneur, or stay tied to a company. These ideas are NOT: scam, surveys, MLM, or illegal.

These are my top 4 ways for making money at home, that I have easily made $1000 a month! I would only recommend these if I actually had success myself.

Virtual Assistant/ Social Media Management

I wrote all about it here how you can also get started as a VA/SMM.

Pay: You generally start at $20USD/ $25CAD per hour and are able to work your way up with more experience.

Experience: There are so many different kinds of Virtual Assistant/ Social Media Management roles, I think this varies per job and niche!

Are you going to be a blogger assistant if you know nothing about blogging? Are you going to be a bookkeeper if you know nothing about finances and numbers? Are you going to manage clients, emails, and phone calls if you don’t like people? I suggest reading my blog I linked above, to really find out what experience you need!

Job: This is an endless list. Think of a modern day secretary that works from home, but also has the opportunity to focus on the company’s social media. You could manage someone’s Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, or emails or even engage with their followers on their platforms.
You could specifically stick to only working as a bookkeeper for other companies, even.
I personally love content creation, so I love writing for restaurants, coffee shops, and businesses that I am super familiar with!

Check out the Facebook groups: Virtual Assistant Savvies and Virtual Assistant Jobs for mentorship, #JobOpps (job opportunities), and free resources from experts!

Cleaning Houses or Businesses

Pay: You generally start at $20USD/ $25CAD per hour and are able to work your way up with more experience.

Experience: I feel as long as you can pitch yourself appropriately, and do an etiquette job cleaning, you have the basics right there. Cleaning isn’t the most fun task to us all, but it is a basic life skill.

I do encourage you to be extremely mindful at the fact this job is usually in someone’s home, and you need to be respectful of that!

I know so many people who clean a couple houses a month on a regular basis to earn an extra $1000/ month. This job can pay amazing, but you obviously need to put some elbow grease into it! Here are my tips for starting out successfully:

  1. Go to and create a cute, free poster for social media. Make sure that you include your name, your rate, how to contact you, and the areas you serve. Keep this very simple, clean grammar, and do not get carried away.
    You do not need a business name.

  2. Check all your local buy + sell group rules on Facebook. Post your poster on those pages with a positive message like: “I am so excited to take a load off your back.” or “I am eager to help you with regular light cleaning, or monthly deep cleans.”

  3. Message some great friends or current/ previous employer if it would be okay if you used them as a reference if needed! Sometimes individuals and businesses love the peace of mind in having references.

  4. When accepting payments, receive minimum 50% upfront. I think 100% upfront is reasonable, but some people have been “burned” by others in the passed. I recommend at least getting 50% of the estimated cost up front to make your time worth it.

  5. Always keep track of your location. Share your location with 1-3 friends, and let them know when you have arrived, message them midway through, and message them when you are leaving.
    Unfortunately, the world we live in requires us, especially as women, to be very mindful of our locations. I think this is a safety precaution if you are cleaning at an unknown persons home.


Pay: This absolutely varies per project and product.

Experience: A talent in creating the product (if this applies), and having a positive attitude when it comes to customers!

A list of things to sell at a market:

  1. Crochet or knitted items:
    hats, mits, baby items, dish clothes, blankets, mug warmers, leg warmers, head bands

  2. Refurnished furniture items:
    repainted or stained coffee tables or chairs, chalkboards, whiteboards, small couches

  3. DIY projects:
    chalkboards, whiteboards, cute signs, blocks

Providing a Private Day Home


Pay: Generally speaking, you start at $5 an hour per kid or $35 a day (between 7-9 hours). For 2 kids, some people give a “deal” at $8-$9/hr and $60- $65 a day.

Experience: I recommend having a first aid course available, but it is not required!

I think it is important to have a cleanly home, although it does not need to be sparkling. I know my home is definitely lived in, but we clean through the day, and deep clean weekly.

I also think it is important to have some sort of contract (you can find them online!) that states you require 100% of the child services paid upfront, if not 50%. You also should have a protection against being sued for instances out of your control.

Make sure you treat this as a business. You need to have hours, set pricing, and be treated appropriately!

Job: This is a basic job: caring for children, entertaining them, cooking, cleaning, providing a safe environment. This is being ran in your own home, so you are welcome to keep the schedule similar to how you have already! Every person I know runs their day homes differently! Don’t be afraid to run this as you wish.

Resources if you need more tips:

Working From Home With Kids

My wonderful friend, Rachel Morris, wrote this heartwarming article on working form home with kids! She covers:

  • priorities + how to prioritize

  • along with the basics of priorities, she gives her 5 biggest tips on how to implement that

  • what balance really means

  • when to know a task is urgent

  • as well as 10 practical tips for making your business and family work together

Choose Childcare

I had a second article about choosing childcare written by Laura Jafarkhani. She covers:

  • researching

  • referrals

  • trial runs

  • and her personal experience

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How To Afford To Be A Stay At Home Mom: 5 Ways To Save Money

How To Afford To Be A Stay At Home Mom: 5 Ways To Save Money