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Podcast For The Everyday Mama

Podcast For The Everyday Mama

Growing tiny humans can be exhausting in moments. It should not be permanently exhausting.

I have a secret… I hate how we make motherhood look like we need coffee, wine, complaining sessions, and unhealthy diets to get through our “horrible, unfulfilling” days with our children and life. I want to introduce a new concept…

We can live fulfilling lives without alcohol to cope, negativity sessions with friends, fast food 24/7 for comfort eating, or a coffee addiction to function (my coffee addiction is just for the flavour because DUH!).

One step to changing our mindset is ultimately through personal growth.

If you hate life, listen to this:

“If you are not changing anything, you are choosing your life.”


I know, it is not what anyone wants to hear, but you need to.

So, how can you change something? What can you change?


This is a list of podcast that are LIFE CHANGING! They will help you feel like you are sitting with a group of girlfriends, chatting, growing, and applying useful tips to your life!

Coffee + Crumbs

There will forever be a special place in my heart for this podcast. It was the very first one I ever came across.

I remember being in an incredibly lonely season of life, wondering when will I ever have mom friends?
When will I ever have someone to talk about my ideas with?
When will I find a crew of women that get me?

I started listening, then binge listening whenever I did my dishes or laundry. It turned into a slight obsession, which led me right to buying their book and indulging in that!

Ashlee + April forever make you feel like old friends catching up.

Risen Motherhood

This podcast is a good one for indulging in the Scripture that ties into motherhood! It is a Christian podcast, and digs deep into faith, God, relationships, morals, and how we all choose to parent. I find a lot of encouragement in doses.

My favourite part about the podcast is how uplifting the women are, they share nearly all their struggles, and you feel like you fit into their life beautifully- even if it’s just through a podcast!

She Podcast

Jordan Lee Dooley is not a mama herself, but I find her podcasts extremely uplifting, practical, and make me feel like I am genuinely at a coffee date with a girlfriend! She is a lovely Christian woman, but her podcast isn’t anything close to being “church like”. She touches on her faith, but really focuses on her passions, connection. and growth.

She has an amazing book: Own Your Everyday, and I just love how she incorporates her faith, desires, passion, and encouragement all into who she is!

Mom is in Control

Heather is on fire! She teaches all about aligning your life, not balancing. If you enjoy anything spiritual, taking control of your life, and dreaming, this is the exact podcast for you! She has helped me grow to become a better me through so much of my hardship.

Plus, my favourite thing about her is how incredibly humble and helpful she is! I purchased some of her courses and they changed my life and my business!

The Birth Hour

I know that if you are a mom, you likely have given birth. Don’t worry, I am not ignorant to the fact there are plenty of other ways you can grow a family- surrogacy, adoption, foster care, or maybe you just have it deeply in your heart to be a mom and take on mother- like roles now!

I am pretty sure we can grasp the idea of what this podcast is about… A birth story in roughly an hour. Not just any birth story, but an encouraging, enlightening birth story that feeds you perspective and emotion.

Rise Podcast

Rachel Hollis wrote Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing. Which, by the way, are both must haves! She is an amazing mama to 4 kiddos, has fostered children, built her company with a high school diploma and Google search bar, and believes in being a better you. Anything is possible, and she let’s you know in these extremely tangible steps and tips!

I experience so much growth when I sit down and journal afterwards! She is full of knowledge and wisdom, and I appreciate honesty.

Rise Together

This is a podcast with Rachel Hollis and her husband, Dave! They give such deep, respectable relationship advice that can truly take any connection to the next level. I think as mothers, it is so important to not only focus on ourselves, but grow deeper in the relationships we currently are pursing.

Purpose Over Perfection

I cannot believe that I of all people launched a podcast! It makes me super excited to actually announce that, have so many wonderful individuals supporting me, and to evolve. I started to connect with other women, learn how to give the advice I wish I knew, and find the missing links in motherhood and womanhood!

I would love for you to join me and let me know what you think by rating the podcast honestly! It is available on 10 different platforms, and I’ll link below how to get there!

Apple Podcast:



Mindset is an incredibly powerful tool that can be used to positively manipulate ourselves. I truly believe in feeding our mind and soul with positive nuggets of wisdom, encouragement, and love!

I would love to know, what are your favourite podcasts?? I am always on the look for a new listen!

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