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My Favourite Natural Products

My Favourite Natural Products

my favourite natural products

for the every day mama

Have you ever sat down and realized how many chemicals are in our every day lives?

Scary, isn’t it? More often than not, we are using products packed with carcinogens, phthalates, formaldehydes, or the fact the word “fragrance” can mean 15 or even 30+ unlisted chemicals….

How heart breaking, honestly!

I started this “natural lifestyle” when I found out I was pregnant. I wanted to live the healthiest, happiest life I could for not only myself, but our family.

We deserved to live a life with as little toxicity in our products and foods as we financially could.

Let’s dive in:

Natural deodorant

Native Deodorant is my absolutely favourite deodorant out there.

If we are being 100% honest… this is the only deodorant that keeps me feeling fresh and smelling good during the day. Keep in mind that my hormones have been raging for the last 3 years through pregnancy, breast-feeding, and my postpartum seasons.

Desert Essence tooth paste


Desert Essence no harsh abrasives, synthetic sweeteners or artificial flavours, and free from fluoride.

Fun fact: Tristan is allergic to fluoride, so this has just been the tooth paste we buy so his mouth doesn’t swell! Thankfully, it is a natural free product as well!

Mint is my go- to, the kids are obsessed with coconut mint or creamy mint, and Tristan loves fennel because it has a black liquorice taste!

I was pleasantly surprised when I first started using the tooth paste because my mouth actually felt clean for most of the day. I know that seems odd to say, but with regular tooth paste, it still felt like a bacteria infested walking zone. Sexy, right?

Supplements (vitamins + minerals)

As you probably gathered from my Instagram stories (@adrianne.reelie if you aren’t following me!); I advocate for natural health, including vitamins and minerals. As a society, we are so deficient in many different areas because of our food epidemic.

Now, you may think I am a crazy health nut for believing in a food epidemic:

  1. when your food is covered in pesticides

  2. chips, chocolate bars, pop, and fake foods are cheaper than most fruit and veggies

  3. hello, celery cost $5 for 1 bunch

  4. small salads are 4x the price of most greasy burgers

  5. sugar is in every aspect of our food, causing hundreds- if not thousands- of health issues (physically and mentally)

If that isn’t a food epidemic, I don’t know what is!

We use vitamins + minerals in our home for many reasons!

  • detoxing our bodies properly, since it is hard to stay away from chemicals 100% of the time

  • balance hormones- both Tristan and myself. (I wrote a post here about my favourite supplement every women should be taking.)

  • reduce sickness and prevent sickness. Our children, and ourselves, are rarely sick. The kids feel unwell during teething, and that is about it! We are sick with a cold less than once a year!

  • optimize our health in every aspect

  • remineralize our teeth and bones (especially since I am constantly breastfeeding or pregnant!)

Local skin products

$22 moisturizing facial cream, and $11 facial toner. On average, this lasts me at least 2 months! A little goest a long ways.

$22 moisturizing facial cream, and $11 facial toner. On average, this lasts me at least 2 months! A little goest a long ways.

I get all my local skin products for Lake House Naturals. My mom’s best friend is actually the one who owns the store! She has been absolutely amazing with sticking true to her no chemical, no toxic ingredients, and the products are absolutely amazing!

Another fun fact: I actually struggle with eye wrinkles, at the prime age of 21. These products have toned up my face, and nearly eliminated a large area of my wrinkles! I notice I have far less break outs, as well as baby smooth skin again.

I stopped using skin care products for 3 years before I found a natural product that really worked on me.

Local baby soap + body lotion

Lake House Naturals is my absolute go- to for most products… I am not going to lie. This is 0% sponsored, but I truly stand by their mission. I will be devastated if they ever close!

I used to purchase a few baby soap and lotions here and there, but I just never could trust that it was actually natural and chemical free.

I have had the opportunity to see most of the products I’ve bought from this company be made, and that is why I am so firm on continuing to purchase from a small business.

Local ethically sources natural essential oils


As mentioned above, I buy most of my natural products from Lake House Naturals. I have boughten essential oils from other small business companies, but ensured it is ethically sourced, and 100% natural!

I love supporting small businesses in nearly every aspect, and I find that they are extremely honest about their ingredients.

This is my favourite essential oils small company brand to support! Tons of their ingredients are imported from Europe, which has hire chemical standards than North America.

Honest company for diapers

Now, I was extremely hesitant purchasing from this company. I originally wanted to cloth diaper, but we were moving around so often in the first year and a half of Maverick’s life, we never knew how the washer situation was going to be.

I actually purchased a gigantic box of Honest diapers before expecting Maverick, and was pleasantly surprised!

The diapers had the most adorable prints, extremely affordable bundles, and there was cleaning product options that truly smelled amazing!

alright crunchy mamas…

what is your favourite products to use??

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