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5 Tips to Have the Best Morning Routine

5 Tips to Have the Best Morning Routine

Every morning you have the opportunity to wake up and be a happier, better version of yourself.

Good morning, friends!

My #1 question in my inbox in regards to staying stress free, and positive, and the answer is this:


I know, I know. I’m no fun!

But for real, if you could do the slightest thing different in your morning that can drastically shift the entire day and week, wouldn’t you want someone to share the big secret?

I am here to tell you: I am going to spill the beans!

the best morning self care routine

My exact routine in order, no fluff:

  1. First things first…

    I wake up minimum 1 hour before my kids. I can generally rely on them waking up between 7-8, so I ensure I get up at least by 6 am, if not earlier.


    It is extremely stressful starting off my day on the right foot when I am being bombarded with questions, requests, tantrums, and children counteracting my productivity!

    News flash: you only need 6-8 hours of sleep every single night. It is extremely important, regardless of who you are or what you do, to get up early! It allows you to tackle big tasks before the rest of your day starts, and gives you the space you truly need to mentally succeed.

    Of course, I give myself grace when there is a teething baby who is up all night! 99% of the time, I kick my butt out of bed and get the day rolling, even when I don’t want to!

  2. Start each day off with a grateful heart, of course, cup of coffee in hand.

    I take every day to make my own hot coffee or tea; read my bible; journal; a quick meditation and stretch; and write down everything I am thankful for! As a mom, drinking my coffee or tea hot is almost unheard of! I start off every day with the best mindset.

    Even if I don’t have the time to meditate, journal, or read my bible, I will at least have my coffee on the deck with Tristan! We start the day off laughing, smiling, and deepening our relationship with each other. To me, that is such a special way to start the day that also makes me grateful,

    What this does is creates this space for my body, soul, and mind to connect. I feel as if I am truly one, and it reduces so much stress in my life.

    I am providing extra resources for ways to practice self care here!

  3. Create a short to- do list while listening to a podcast.

    Write 3 things that would make your day easier if you got them done.

    My top 3 tasks are almost always between:

    dishes; prepping breakfast/ lunch/ dinner; prepping snacks if we are on the go that day; re-packing the diaper bag; quick toy pick up; folding laundry; checking emails; getting client tasks done.

    I wrote a post on Podcast For The Everyday Mama that gives the absolute best, fulfilling podcasts for all deep loving mama’s out there! I also wrote about mindset at the end of How To Get Started as a Virtual Assistant, which I suggest many different podcasts and audible books!

    The reason I suggest listening to podcast during this is because:

    • you are able to grow your mindset while doing small tasks

    • the tasks automatically feel less boring and daunting

    • it feels as if your best friend is chatting in the kitchen with you while you do the dishes, or you are in your bedroom doing laundry

    • any opportunity to grow is an opportunity to take advantage of

  4. Get ready for the day!

    How many of you lounge around in the same messy bun, same sweat pants, same hoodie, same and boring mindset that today is going to be “blah”?

    I felt a lot of you raise your hands.

    Now, I do want to clear this up! I always encourage you to wear clothes that make you feel good. This could be your favourite pair of sweat pants, and recreating your hair in an old fashion messy bun, and your best hoodie! I love that, because it is my style!

    My routine only takes me about 5 minutes, if even that much time!

    But I always make sure that I do these things:

  5. Start creating a nutritious breakfast!

    I do not, personally, like intermittent fasting where you miss breakfast. I understand there is thousands of ways to do this process! For my body that has been pregnant constantly for 3 years and breastfeeding, it requires a refill of fuel when I get up!

    By this time, my kiddos have either just woken up, or are about to! I start cooking, or prep absolutely everything so that when they do wake up, I can instantly make it, or get it ready!

But Adrianne…

How does this classify as self care?

You see, when you put yourself first, honour:

  • reducing stress and anxiety

  • pushing yourself forward

  • being the best version of yourself

  • doing tasks that create positivity

  • love yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually within the first hour of being awake


You deserve to be loved, cared for, honoured, appreciated, and live a stress free life. This all starts with you!


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