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Self- Care as a Mom is Critical (a quick list!)

Self- Care as a Mom is Critical (a quick list!)

As I was looking through my past journal entries, I noticed how my mindset of: ”I took care of myself, and kind of felt guilty,” shifted into “I took care of myself because my family and myself deserve it.”

It’s quite empowering when you feel this duty and obligation to take care of you and your soul. Not only are you able to me a more sturdy and encouraging individual, you are able to be the calm, loving parent you were meant to be!

How many times have you felt overwhelmed, angry, or frustrated with the way life is going?

How many time as a mom have you accidentally lost your cool and yelled at your kiddo?

How many times have you felt that life was just too much, and you will never feel like a good mama?

A quick list on why you should take care of yourself as a mom:

  • You constantly fill up others glasses. You need to make sure your jug is full.

  • You are being relied on 24/7. Whether you are awake or sleeping, you are being depended on.

  • You give love, care, and compassion daily. You need to receive that type of care from yourself, too.

  • My favourite: you need to give yourself grace.

  • If you struggle with anxiety, depression, stress, or overwhelm, self care is a must.

  • Your family deserves it, just as much as you deserve it!

I used to feel as if I was taking away time from my family, and “ruining” our time together by focusing on myself. But that is when the light switch clicked! I am enhancing how positive our quality time is by doing the things that fulfill my soul. Quality over quantity, y’all! May I add that the transition to motherhood is like no other!

A quick list of the ways you can take care of yourself as a mom:

  • Respecting your need for alone time (calming baths alone, going to a workout class, time with God, journalling, walks)

  • Practice personal development. Read books, listen to podcasts, journal, invest in courses, invest in a mastermind etc.

  • Building a relationship with God, if you believe in a God.

  • Creating boundaries with yourself and with others.
    I used to be that girl who would say “YES” to everyone about everything. I started to become exhausted, overwhelmed, anxious, and slowly plummeting into this dark season of life. By respecting my energy and time, I started to realize the more I said “yes” to other people, I started to say “no” to myself and my family.

  • Your body deserves to be taken care of mentally, spiritually, and physically. You deserve to eat nutritious foods, clean water, and an opportunity to move your body.

  • Your child(ren) deserve a happy mother who is able to be present wholeheartedly.

  • You can go out in the evenings to a coffee shop with a girlfriend, or alone, and embrace that you are more than just a mom.
    Being a mom is absolutely part of your essence, but you are also MORE than just that.

This list is very broad, but it is designed to shift your mindset to start with the small ways of fulfilling your soul. What other ways of self care have you thought of that might benefit you?

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