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The Most Life Changing Breastfeeding Accessory Plus Tips: GIVEAWAY

The Most Life Changing Breastfeeding Accessory Plus Tips: GIVEAWAY

Breastfeeding requires: extra support, extra tips; extra knowledge; extra education; extra patience; and a loving environment!

One of my constant struggles during breastfeeding is my thought process.

Am I producing enough? Am I eating clean enough? WHY won’t the weight come off? How is the latch? Did I accidentally nip slip someone? Why am I barely pumping anything… 

Here are the biggest tips and the most life changing accessory that helped me feel reassured, have confirmation I was doing well on my journey, and made me feel empowered. 

Giveaway details:

What the winner will win: their very own haakaa

When the winner will be announced: Sunday, August 18th

How to enter: comment on this blog post and share!

Haakaa here

Tip 1: Nutrition

I stopped counting calories! Now, I am not saying go off the deep end and each chocolate cake for every meal. But, I found that counting my calories and stressing how much my macros were actually caused me to hold onto extra weight, produce less milk, and make me exhausted.

Eat unprocessed, whole foods. Eating a balanced diet not only helps with energy and weight loss, it truly helps with supply! I will always advocate for healthy foods, not only because of the benefits, but comparing 1000 calories of fruits and veggies to junk is insane!

I started meal prepping to save time, implement a healthy lifestyle, and honestly budget more accordingly! It changed my life not only for breastfeeding, but being a mom to littles!

{check out 5 tips on how to meal prep for busy people here}.

Tip 2: Get. A. Haakuu. 

This is a one-piece hand pump that doesn’t require any pumping, but requires suction. Plus, doubles as a milk collector, obviously! This was something that I highly regret not having when I had my first. I ordered my first one for under $10, and I was hooked ever since!


I suction it to my breast, would focus on feeding Zendaya, and I usually got 1-3 oz of milk that I would have leaked into a receiving blanket anyways! I personally used receiving blankets or reusable sewed breast pads to catch milk because I am a slight over supplier and leak super bad bad!

 Power pumping is an excellent way to boost supply if you can afford a good pump! Thankfully, a haakuu is under $20, and I believe everyone can invest in one. The suction allows the milk to gently flow out.

Tip 3: Supplements! 

I take daily vitamin supplements to keep my body healthy, and up my milk supply. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are extremely mineral and vitamin deficient season on our bodies, and it is so important to demineralize and replenish ourselves.

I also love red raspberry leaf tea! It is not only amazing for hormone balancing, preparing the womb for conception, pregnancy, labour, helps with PMS + period flow, toning the uterus, high in all the minerals our bodies needs as women, and calmness… and of course milk supply! 

I also 100% recommend in investing in a organic bottle of vitamin D. Not only is it proven our milk is deficient in vitamin D, us as humans are, too. 80% of women who struggle with postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, and/ or postpartum psychosis were found to be deficient in vitamin D!

Tip 4: Water. 

I try and drink around 4L of water a day while being pregnant and/ or breastfeeding! The best way to gradually work your way up in water intake: take your weight in lbs, divide that by 2, drink that many oz. (ex. If you weight 100lbs, you’d want to aim or exceed 50oz of water!) 

I know me saying 4L sounds overwhelming, and I truly never started drinking this much water until my health journey began. I had no idea how dehydrated my body was. I had all the signs: cramps, occasional headaches, horrible digestion, fatigue, mood swings, and acne.

Share with a mama who could use some tips or encouragement!

Disclaimer: fed is best! I am not bashing any mama’s who choose to bottle feed, formula feed, or supplement in any way. This is just a couple tips that helped me with my breastfeeding journey. I am not a doctor, or health expert, so if you have questions, please consult your doctor!

 Everybody is beautiful, so these are tips to stay healthy, not be slim! 

Don’t forget: comment below for a chance to win your very own haakaa!

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