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How To Overcome Being A Hot Mess

How To Overcome Being A Hot Mess

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

Often, we get tangled and forget to look at the big picture. Trust me, I know it can be so hard to think of the big picture, especially when something else is absorbing you. College assignments and reading building up, the kids are on melt- down mode all day, your partner is working overtime this whole month, or you are overwhelmed from life in general.

I have been there when all of the above is going on!


The options are absolutely limitless to bring you back to being present. Starting by taking care of yourself + your soul is a wonderful place to start! But by stepping out of your comfort zone, it can be an instant mindset shift.

Here are some things I love to do when I need to break out of my shell, and evolve to a more positive version of me:

  • Complement a stranger

  • Make a phone call to your grandparent(s)

  • Pay for the person’s coffee behind you in the drive thru

  • Write yourself a letter

  • Go for a walk

  • Bring your mom flowers

  • Clean the house top to bottom

  • Declutter your space and donate

  • Volunteer

  • Go for a walk and enjoy fresh air

  • Go to the gym

  • Get ready… no reason!

Sometimes, it is so easy to get stuck in “the same old routine”, but know that you have absolute power in making that change in your life. You have complete control; start with the little things. I actually wrote a post about this called: Things You Can Control (without being a control freak).

Today was one of those days that instead of being fully present, I was a hot mess. Minus being hot. So… just a mess.

I wasn’t cherishing the moments with my children. I wasn’t being grateful for anything. I wasn’t being kind to my partner or family. I couldn’t focus on my blog, or school work. I was an anxious ball of self destruction. Thankfully, I am in the stage of my life where I can call myself out, and redirect myself almost insantly.

Moment’s like this, they remind me:

Sit still.


Think of 10 things you are grateful for.

Be someone’s positive light today.


Dig into my goals.


Be the change you want to see in the world.

Ya know, balancing the chaos!

Here are 4 simple reminders that pull me out of “a hot mess moment”:

Meal prep for convenience, ease, and simplicity! (I have a blog post on. 5 meal prep tips for busy people here)
Get a planner, and use it. I promise your life will CHANGE forever. (a simple planner here)

Create a routine- morning and evening!

Believe you can overcome this hard season.

I teach all of these things in my 3 week masterminds! Be sure to check out my Instagram and Facebook for upcoming Masterminds!

What are your tips for overcoming being a hot mess? I would love to hear your tips!

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