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Dear Lady In The Grocery Store...

Dear Lady In The Grocery Store...

Dear lady in the grocery store,

I didn’t even get to catch your name. I always wish that I had, just so I could put a name to your face.
You were ahead of me, just paying, and I was taming my 2 toddlers. You watched as my 2 year old helped, quite literally, throw our groceries on the moving belt.

I have been so accustomed to the looks, comments, and stares, that I developed tough skin. I felt your eyes grazing our family, but I didn’t even think for a moment it could have been a loving “hello”.

But, I wanted to thank you for looking at my 1 year old and 2 year old as real children. You looked at my mighty 2 year old as helping his mom and learning life skills, rather than a loud ruckus.

Most people make the same old, boring comments:

you have your hands full
my kids
never did XYZ
how do you do it
you must be crazy
you do know how babies are made, right?
inset eye roll here
some negative comment about my age

I wanted to thank you for being a kind soul, with positive words to say.
You started by complimenting me and the kids. You commented on the way I engaged with them, and made small talk and got them giggling.

The one thing I will never forget: telling me I brought miracles into the world.

That comment has stuck with me. On my rough days, on my positive days…
It was such a beautiful comment, I was baffled when told this!

How do you even respond when you receive a comment like that? I couldn’t help but blush with a large, all teeth smile. I felt on top of the world, and as if we had finally been seen for the real us. It felt like we had been waiting for, for what seemed like forever, just to be seen just as we are.

I have always believed children are a blessing, but our society has been so regulated into making them seem as if they are burdens. I was uplifted to hold a conversation with someone who believed in the same ideology.

You shared with me how you had 4 wonderful children, and you would have had more, but unfortunate circumstances struck. You empowered me to have the biggest family that our home, hearts, and arms could hold.

You promised me that I would never regret having tons of children, and I believe you.

“Children are a blessing, but our society has been so regulated into making them seem as if they are burdens.”

You didn’t even dare give me the same old cliche parenting advice that every single person gives.
Instead, you began sharing your loving parenting hacks.
You know, the non- judgemental, and loving parenting hacks!

We exchanged our co- sleeping stories, although frowned upon in our society for some odd reason, we both embraced our similar parenting styles. Breastfeeding, co-sleeping, guidance over control, love over everything…

I felt as if I was talking to myself, only 20-30 years down the line.

You looked at my round belly, and began asking how I am feeling. You smiled so wide whenever you referenced anything about my pregnancy.

You acknowledging that I don’t, and never will, have it all together; you still made me feel as if I’m enough as I am. Our conversation will always stick with me.

You smiled, squeezed the kids bare feet, and told me to have a blessed day.

I will never forget your warm eyes, and wise soul.

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