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The Most Realistic Baby Gift Every Mom Will Use

The Most Realistic Baby Gift Every Mom Will Use

For what it’s worth, any gift given to a new mom, or soon to be mom, is appreciated. The time taken to think of this mama bear and her baby will always warm her heart. Taking a couple hours of your day to celebrate this day with this growing family, will be forever remembered.

I gave my sister a little package that I believed was the most handy with both of my babies!

  • swaddle blankets.

    I was such a worry wart with both kids when it came to sleep training them and just over all blanket usage. I heard horror stories of children suffocating and tangling in blankets, so muslin swaddle blankets were (and still are) a must!
    They are breathable fabric, so they allow your baby to be snuggled in the summer without overheating, a breathable nursing cover if you wish to use a cover, and are incredibly soft!
    I used to be a little skeptical of the price, but they are durable, and worth EVERY penny.

  • receiving blankets.

    Maverick was the most disgusting puker, ever. It was projectile and everywhere!It was to the point where I carried an extra pair of clothing for myself because I would be completely soaked from him!
    Zendaya is the biggest drooler, and she creates massive puddles! So, for those 2 reasons, I packed at least 3 or 4 receiving blankets to help a girl out when it came to the baby fluids!
    I have an entire dresser drawer FULL, and in the first few months, I swear that drawer was never full because I used them often.

  • teether toy.

    This was extremely portable and acted as a muffler and buffer for us going out!! It helped the kids muffle the cry by being distracted, and as a buffer while I got my things packed up the leave! Plus, kids teeth out of no where, so these type of things are extremely handy!

  • mother’s milk tea.

    So, I have to say, this is the tea SAVED my life when I was newly pregnant with Zendaya, but trying really hard to breastfeed Maverick still! I will probably always give this as a gift when I know moms are going to try their hardest to breastfeed!

  • mug to follow.


Since I am close with my sister, I have a TON of other gifts I am going to give her, yet.

But, since this is a baby shower gift post, if you know of a mom who is trying to breastfeed, get a haakaa!! I own 2, and what they do is while you nurse on one side, you suction the device to your other breast. When milk let down occurs, the milk is caught in this device, and is collected for you to add to your stash!

I will have a picture of Zendaya down below with the haakaa’s! 10/10 recommend!


I would love to hear what gifts you have gotten people, or what you found was the best gift at your baby shower!

Much love,


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