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6 Reasons To Go On A Baby Moon

6 Reasons To Go On A Baby Moon

Total confession: I made fun of almost everyone who went on a “baby moon” before the arrival because I thought it was just a modern day way to spend money on yourself. Then I was put in the position of foreseeing rough sailing ahead, and I knew a baby moon was exactly what was needed…

We spent the last weekend of August in Canmore at a gorgeous hotel, Falcon Crest Lodge. I was, at the time, 35 weeks pregnant with our 3rd baby, and Tristan was about to be going away for school for 2 months. He was going to be seeing us on weekends, but the 2 hour commute one way would prevent us from physically seeing each other as regularly as we would like. 


Not to mention, the college only allows you to miss 3 school days before getting expelled, no exceptions. This includes the birth. We knew exactly what we needed.

We had this aching inside of us to get away just the 2 of us before we entered this new season of life! We were eager to welcome our new baby into this world and for Tristan to complete his first year of Heavy Duty Mechanics education, but we knew we needed extra TLC in the meantime. 

I came up with 6 reasons why you should go on a baby moon, too, even if you aren’t in the same situation as us. 

Your relationship deserves a sturdy foundation to be built off of for the next season of life.

If you think about it, this statement might be harsh, but it is too true. Imagine not strengthening a bond with your significant other when you have the time and resources, right before knowing that one of the most influential periods was going to occur.

Owing it to not only yourself, but your partner, to engage and connect before the sleep deprivation fights occur could be a relationship saver. I understand that it takes a lot more than a weekend away to ensure a healthy relationship, but this absolutely encourages the first steps towards creating that foundation to pursue a good companionship.

Having a baby, especially your first, tests a relationship. 

The first 6 months after you have your first baby will always be the hardest. This is not to discourage you, this can actually strengthen your relationship.

There are so many things that can be included to support this statement:

  • sleep deprivation

  • breastfeeding issues

  • recovering physically, emotionally, and spiritually from the birth

  • post- partum anxiety or depression

  • working out the house roles

  • having common ground as parents

You learn so much more about the person you are raising your child with, and it all unfolds over time. You start to see the way their eyes light up when they see their kiddo wake up from a nap, how excited they get when they giggle for the first time, and coo over how adorable they look in a new outfit.

You also have the side of them that argues who changes the diaper, who’s doing the laundry or dishes, who is going to calm a teething baby, and argue over who knows what the best.

Calm before the storm.

I absolutely encourage you to read the all above points again. Having children is nothing to be taken lightly, and I encourage you to strengthen your relationships before this busy season, as well as pursue your relationship during this period!

I found that having a baby moon helped us be reminded of the blessing we get to parent together, create a life together, and live life together. We felt reminded how lucky we really should be feeling, and were reminded to hold onto that.

We chose our destination at Falcon Crest Lodge because of the gorgeous view and interior. We knew that we were wanting to feel pampered and on a true get- away, while being within driving range from our kiddos.

Opportunity for a new level of intimacy- spiritually, mentally, and physically. 


Imagine exploring a city you have never been, or don’t go to often. You are with your significant other, walking down main street checking all the gift stores, coffee shops, spying out restaurants for later, bumping into new people. You are trying new food, talking to people you will likely never see again, feeling pampered in your hotel, doing early coffee runs at local coffee shops, enjoying coffee outside in silence while looking at the mountains…

How could you not feeling spiritually and mentally connected to your partner after experiencing a weekend of balanced peace and adventure?

A memory you will forever cherish.

We always joke that we will get the mountains tattooed onto our bodies on day. We always escape to the mountains when we know we need to disconnect from our current situations, and reconnect with each other. I can confidently say that we have never had a bad experience in the mountains, and we will forever cherish the memories we have created together.

Allows you to see the big picture.

Have you ever just got caught up, frustrated, fed up, and anxious over your day to day life?

I find that when your job, school, friends, or family is stressing you out constantly, it puts strain on your relationship.

I encourage you in times like this to take a deep breath, take a step back, go away alone with your partner, and really dive deep into everything. Create new and positive memories, while trying to figure out solutions to the problems when you arrive back at home.

Your child deserves parents with a strong relationship

You are going to be facing so much when a child arrives. Not all of it is negative, as perceived by so many. Most of what you are adjusting to as new parents is finding routine and rhythm, which takes time and patience.

  • Learning how to make fulfilling, healthy, cost- friendly meals

  • You will be facing sleep deprivation!
    (Do not stress yourself out about sleep training. Your baby is normal for waking up and needing you, and it is not normal to have a baby sleeping through the night. Just a dose of encouragement that your child is normal for needing their mama! Give yourself grace.)

  • Learning your new roles in the home, around the home, in your relationship, and as parents.

  • Some women experience breastfeeding issues because of lack of resources and help.
    I wrote 2 articles that I hope supports you if you are dealing with this issue! Between my oldest 2, I breastfed for a combination of 2 years and only stopped because my supply dried up from my back to back pregnancies. I am incredibly passionate about encouraging breast-feeding and want to share that knowledge!
    1. The best accessory to help encourage breastmilk consumption for your baby!
    2. My biggest tips for successful breastfeeding!

  • There will be lots of recovering physically, emotionally, and spiritually from the birth. This is a vulnerable state that many friends, family, in laws, and even strangers overlook. This is a journey that 2 people recover and face differently!

  • Post- partum anxiety or depression is real.

If I have convinced you to go on a baby moon, I would love to join your adventures! Tag me @adrianne.reelie on Instagram so I can watch the journey.

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