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5 Rules Of A Successful Relationship

5 Rules Of A Successful Relationship

“Fall into a love that will keep you safe".” - Juni

I promise it won’t always be easy. There will be days where we fight, especially over stupid things, like who left the porch light on. Who left the coffee pot on again. Forgetting to pack my favourite scrunchie on our day trip. We will fight about leaving the toilet seat up, who gets to do the dishes, and what temperature to keep the house on at. You purposely push my buttons for my little scrunched up face reaction, and I will purposely push yours for your eye rolls.

I always knew it wouldn’t be easy. We are both genuinely being ourselves- our quirks, flaws, pet peeves… and I will still daily choose to love the you that you are. I am beyond willing to wake up every day going through life loving you. Even on the unusual days where we both get under each other’s skin. And if I am being honest, there is no where else I would rather wake up at if it isn’t beside you.

Here are my 5 rules of a successful relationship, that have never failed me! Every relationship has times where there is struggling, but more often than not, there should be positive memories and growth. I have had toxic relationships in the past, and thankfully, I learned very valuable information from them. I learned what not to do, how to handle the situation with more grace if it occurred again, and the love I deserve. I, too, had to realize my very own toxic traits and change.

Over the years, these are the 5 rules that I use for my friendships, as well as intimate relationship.

Stay faithful.

This is absolutely key in relationships.

For friendships, this includes:

  • keeping your word

  • keeping confidentiality

  • not spreading rumours and/ or talking behind their back

For intimate relationships, this includes:

  • all of the above

  • plus, stay true to this relationship. Sexting, other sexual encounters, inappropriate messages/ pictures… they are all out of the question

Build trust.

Make them feel appreciated.


  • Learn their love language.

  • Quality time over quantity .

  • Listen to them, truly. (less talking, more listening)

  • Remember: it’s the little things!

  • Respect them (listed below)

Respect them.

Ask yourself:

  • If I was in their position, how would I feel?

  • Am I treating them the way I would like to be treated?

  • How can I show that I value them?

  • Am I respecting their time and space?

Invest your quality time in them.

Time is worth more than money, so I am extremely careful with where I put my time. I truly think if you want a relationship to flourish, the best thing to do is give a healthy amount of quality attention, and an equal amount of healthy space.

A relationship should be build to last, not built too fast.

I mean, can we all agree that suffocating someone spending every waking, breathing moment is over kill?

I would prefer to live our own lives full of what we enjoy, need to do, want to do, and come together and make our time extremely special!


I am big on communication.

I believe in being open, honest, and working towards a solution to a problem together. Not only do you grow together, and feel unified in the process, there is a significant less amount of tension.

These are extremely basic tips, but equally useful. It seems as if we are always searching for new information, trying to better our relationships, and forget to stop and look what is right in front of us.

What is the best relationship advice you’ve ever been given?

Here is my favourite book to utilize for a good relationship:

A Love Letter Life - a book all about how to curate your very own love story

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