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10 Places  To See In Banff + Canmore

10 Places To See In Banff + Canmore

We spent the last weekend of August in Canmore at a gorgeous hotel, Falcon Crest Lodge. We went on a baby moon to celebrate the busy season we were going to be entering. We had this aching inside of us to get away just the 2 of us before we entered this new season of life! We were eager to welcome our new baby into this world and for Tristan to complete his first year of Heavy Duty Mechanics education, but we knew we needed extra TLC in the meantime. (You can read more about it here: 6 reasons To Go On A Baby Moon!)

Canmore and Banff has been our “go- to” spot since we first got together. There was just something about the adventuring and traveling done close to home that made us feel equally comfortable, yet outgoing.

I have never documented my stay or my favourite traveling stops, but I am so glad that this time, I did! Instead of always turning to Facebook for advice, I am able to turn the table and provide insight for you!



My mother- in- law graciously watched our older 2 children while we went on a baby moon before our 3rd baby arrived. We knew that she needed a special gift, fudge being one of them! We ended up bringing her back butter pecan, which sounds delicious!

We ended up bringing my mom and sister back a piece of salted caramel each! It is the ultimate weakness.

Not only have I heard this is one of the best places to buy fudge, it was the best priced compared to any other candy shop!

If you aren’t familiar with Rocky Mountain Soap Company, they are actually local to Canmore! The products are so delicate on your skin, smell amazing, and are completely natural.

What struck me specifically about this company is they acknowledge how many chemicals are used in on a day to day basis for individuals who use soaps, shampoos, conditioner, deodorant, etc. and knew deep in their bones something needs to change! I always support local shops, as well as natural companies with a mission.

A piece of my heart will always remain here.

I have never felt so warm welcomed, rejoiced, pampered, and taken care of at one facility. Ever.

We had never stayed at a hotel that offered more than a bed and enclosed bathroom. We truly felt like high end travellers who got to enjoy a gorgeous view, well maintained room, accompanied by wonderful staff! We will likely never be able to stay at any other hotel without extremely high standards!

We wanted to stay in Canmore over Banff because we found Canmore was slightly calmer, and Banff was very accessible from Canmore. I found that we were able to enjoy our stay with more peace in mind because of our location choice- both city and hotel.


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If this doesn’t look like the most mouth watering, delicious, and fulfilling meals, I’m not sure what to tell you! We were warmly welcomed by a kind gentleman who truly made us feel like regular customers. We were able to explore the menu with guidance, and sit outside downtown Canmore with a gorgeous view!

I had a power berry salad full of multiple different berries, sunflower seeds, local bee pollen, arugula, topped with brie and chicken.

Tristan had an elk burger with the best fries I had probably ever tasted!


When I went to Banff in high school, we actually went up the gondola! There is an adorable cafe, and I believe a 3 story building to explore.

I remember riding up the gondola, enjoying all the pine trees passing by. A couple minutes into the ride up, it started to sprinkle light snow flakes, and you could tell it was getting colder with every inch we climbed. By the time we reached the top, we realized it was nearly winter at the top. You could see and feel your breath!

Standing at the building, overlooking the entire mountain’s view of the outdoors, I couldn’t help but feel like I was at the right place, at the right time. I had experienced such an awakening moment while I was engaged with the scenery.

Hot Springs

Tristan and I knew we wanted to unwind here one night. We watched the silhouette of the mountains fade in the distance as the sun set. It was such an odd feeling of peace as we absorbed the toasty mineral water, and watched the world stay so calm around us.

Just moments before we arrived, it started to sprinkle cold raindrops. We were so worried that it would downpour! With our luck, the moment I popped my toes into the water, it stopped raining.

Total side note: I must have been the only girl who arrived and didn’t take a picture of myself. (Aka, a booty picture to post on my Instagram with the hashtag #SoFresh)

Down Town Canmore + Banff

We spend 80% of our time wondering all sorts of shops, coffee shops, and admiring the mountains in the background. I don’t have a ton to say besides: reserve at least 1 hour at each location to wonder downtown without any rush!

We walked all the way to the lower falls with no issues, but half way to the upper falls had given me some brutal Braxton Hicks! I was 35 weeks at the time of this hike, and I felt overwhelmed with a combination of strength, sweat, and cramps!

I loved the view of this trail, and admired that everyone was going their own pace.

There was the calming sounds of the running river, the wind flowing through the trees, kids running around giggling all around, and a cute coffee shop and eatery on site!

We went here when I was in high school, which actually inspired me to come back and enjoy the walk again.


Tin Box

Although I mentioned to reserve time to openly wonder downtown Banff and Canmore, I 100% recommend checking out The Tin Box! Their website says it all: artsy, trendy, and urban to throw into the retail mix of Canmore!

We had spent such a lengthly amount of time here reading all sorts of signs, jewelry, quotes, mugs, and checked out all the adorable items! We ended up picking out the most adorable souvenirs while we were wandering.

If you ever check out any of these locations, let them know I led you there! Tag me on Instagram @adrianne.reelie if you want me to follow along your journey, too!

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Be The Friend You Wish You Had When Your Babies Were Newborns.