10 Places To See In Banff + Canmore

We spent the last weekend of August in Canmore at a gorgeous hotel, Falcon Crest Lodge. We went on a baby moon to celebrate the busy season we were going to be entering. We had this aching inside of us to get away just the 2 of us before we entered this new season of life! We were eager to welcome our new baby into this world and for Tristan to complete his first year of Heavy Duty Mechanics education, but we knew we needed extra TLC in the meantime. (You can read more about it here: 6 reasons To Go On A Baby Moon!)

Canmore and Banff has been our “go- to” spot since we first got together. There was just something about the adventuring and traveling done close to home that made us feel equally comfortable, yet outgoing.

I have never documented my stay or my favourite traveling stops, but I am so glad that this time, I did! Instead of always turning to Facebook for advice, I am able to turn the table and provide insight for you!

6 Reasons To Go On A Baby Moon

We spent the last weekend of August in Canmore at a gorgeous hotel, Falcon Crest Lodge. I was, at the time, 35 weeks pregnant with our 3rd baby, and Tristan was about to be going away for school for 2 months. He was going to be seeing us on weekends, but the 2 hour commute one way would prevent us from physically seeing each other as regularly as we would like….

An Open Letter To The Woman Who Tears Other Mothers Down  

When a mom says she’s tired, don’t tell her how you got less sleep.
Don’t tell her you had more kids than her, and she’s fine.
Don’t tell her that you did more than her when your kids were little, and she’ll survive.
Don’t tell her that she will be okay, because she chose this life.

When a mom says she’s overwhelmed, don’t tell her how you do more than her.
Don’t tell her you had more tasks to do than her today, and she’s fine.
Don’t tell her that you did more than her when your kids were little, and she’ll survive.
Don’t tell her that she will be okay, because she chose this life.

The Most Life Changing Breastfeeding Accessory Plus Tips: GIVEAWAY

One of my constant struggles during breastfeeding is my thought process.

Am I producing enough? Am I eating clean enough? WHY won’t the weight come off? How is the latch? Did I accidentally nip slip someone? Why am I barely pumping anything… 

Here are the biggest tips and the most life changing accessory that helped me feel reassured, have confirmation I was doing well on my journey, and made me feel empowered. 

How To Afford To Be A Stay At Home Mom: Ways To Make Money

Don’t worry- you don’t have to hold your breath.

I am giving you real and practical ideas to make money from home. You do not need to be a business owner, an entrepreneur, or stay tied to a company. These ideas are NOT: scam, surveys, MLM, or illegal.

These are my top 4 ways for making money at home, that I have easily made $1000 a month! I would only recommend these if I actually had success myself.

How To Afford To Be A Stay At Home Mom: 5 Ways To Save Money

You are on a brand new stinkin’ journey.

You will have people make fun of you for budgeting and saving money.
You will have times where you see everyone looking glamorous with their expensive baby items and clothing, and wish you weren’t budgeting.
You will have times where you wish your husband added an extra 0 to the end of that paycheque…

But here is the thing: Know why you are starting your budgeting + money saving journey.

It can be an incredibly positive and encouraging journey, rather than something that has to make you feel less than!

Budgeting and saving money isn’t about depriving yourself. It is about being smart with your money so you can afford the things that mean the most to you.

How To Afford To Be A Stay At Home Mom: Treat Yourself Without Spending

Moms are allowed to have more fun than rewarming up coffee for the 9th time in the morning, and painting their nails while kids scream in the background.

Living on one income might make treating yourself difficult, so I compiled an entire list for you!

I have felt the desire to share my favorite free, or cost next to nothing activities for all of us mama’s trying to enjoy being a stay at home mom, while taking care of ourselves. I am all living life to its fullest and experiencing life, but mindful of a budget. Not only will you discover new ways to enjoy life, you can finally afford to love life. 

Old ways won’t open up new doors, so let’s try some new activities! 

2 Ways To Save 80% On Your Kid's Clothes

I have 2 major ways on how I save money on my children’s clothes. Although, I acknowledge I have been fortunate enough to been given so many items of clothing for my children before they even arrived, I have still purchased clothing as time went on. I was also still incredibly frugal, regardless of being given so much!

The Reality of Being a Young Mom

Don’t worry mama. I see the judgemental looks, the rude comments that could go unsaid, and having to prove your value in every given moment. This includes not only strangers, but family and friends. I see you.

I know exactly how it feels to be questioned by absolutely everyone, including yourself, if you can do this. I know every mother I have chatted with has felt this one way, one time or another.

“Can I really do this? Can I be a good enough mom?”

I know the eyes and harsh words don’t make self doubt any more helpful.

10 Reasons Not To Cry It Out | By: Morgan

So…Sleep Training! Grab a cup of coffee and a seat because this is going to be a LONG one! If there’s a topic I’ve been nervous to talk about, it’s definitely this. It is a very polarizing topic, and for good reason. Sleep is necessary for everyone but is especially precious for new parents! Sleep training is something that every parent nowadays hears about, whether from their pediatrician, their momma friend, or their momma.

Pro Advice + Stories From C- Section Mamas

Hello, friends!

I have had 2 healthy, textbook vaginal births for my first 2 babies! I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with #3, as I gather all this information! I was inspired to hear from other women who had c- sections, as I know the value behind other mother’s experiences are a way to connect and understand one another! I was so curious to gain knowledge, and truly dig into the depth of what goes on in a c- section.

I have never experienced one, so I want to hand off this piece to the experienced mamas! You can expect advice, stories, and a way to prepare yourself in case you have a c- section, or are scheduled for one!

Let’s just jump right into this!

Dear Lady In The Grocery Store...

I have always believed children are a blessing, but our society has been so regulated into making them seem as if they are burdens. I was uplifted to hold a conversation with someone who believed in the same ideology.

You shared with me how you had 4 wonderful children, and you would have had more, but unfortunate circumstances struck. You empowered me to have the biggest family that our home, hearts, and arms could hold.

You promised me that I would never regret having tons of children, and I believe you.

Kid Friendly Smoothies (skip the popsicles!)

Instead of giving my kiddos a sugary popsicle that would result in sugar crash temper tantrum, I started making nutrition dense smoothies that they LOVED.

I have absolutely no judgement, because my childhood was full of ice cream, Freezies, popsicles, and creamsicles! We still had the odd treat here or there, or I will catch Maverick hiding with the tub of ice cream…

It’s all about balance, friends!

The true reason behind me writing this, is I have a firm theory, that is backed up by truth:

Kids don’t need sugar to survive or function.

It actually serves them no purpose, besides flavour satisfaction.

Let’s jump in:

My favourite ways to make healthy, satisfying smoothies that my children LOVE!

No Bake Energy Bites Recipe for the Breastfeeding Mama

I love when I can accommodate healthy snacks into my day. I know as mamas (experienced or brand new!) it can be super difficult staying eating a clean diet, taking care of a baby, and taking care of a house hold!

These no bake energy bites have been my go- to gift to any new mama’s, or any of my breastfeeding friends! They have drastically helped me maintain my supply, and keep my constantly hungry belly full! #BreastfeedingProblems

Survival Guide: Thriving with 2 Under 2

“How can there be too many children? That’s like saying there are too many flowers.”

- Mother Teresa

Having children close together is a blessing in itself! There is a lot of patience, routine, organization, and dedication that goes into running a somewhat smooth routine!

Podcast For The Everyday Mama

I have a secret… I hate how we make motherhood look like we need coffee, wine, complaining sessions, and unhealthy diets to get through our “horrible, unfulfilling” days with our children and life. I want to introduce a new concept…

We can live fulfilling lives without alcohol to cope, negativity sessions with friends, fast food 24/7 for comfort eating, or a coffee addiction to function (my coffee addiction is just for the flavour because DUH!).

One step to changing our mindset is ultimately through personal growth.