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My Top Resources for Personal Growth

My Top Resources for Personal Growth

mind over matter

Ever heard of the saying? It always reminds me that mindset really shifts our perspective on everything the world has to offer.

The best part about mindset, is we have the ability to shift and grow whenever we decided we are able to dedicate a time commitment to ourselves.

Have you ever wished you could stop being negative, see life through another lens, feel energized, or simply be happy?

Have you ever deeply known you deserve the most fulfilling life, but aren’t living it?

Do you know that you have such potential in life to be a rock start?

I am going to help you, and teach you how!

There are so many forms of personal development!


I wrote a post all about Podcast For The Everyday Mama that can introduce any mama’s to the podcast world to help with mindset! I listen to podcasts whenever I am doing dishes, laundry, any cleaning, or even when I’m working on blog content!

I find podcasts are able to gentle open up your perspective to the world, and offer a nugget of knowledge- whatever that may look like.

Other types of podcasts I love to help me with my mindset:

  • Goal Digger

  • Earn Your Happy

  • Mom is in Control

  • Mommy Millionaire

  • Evolution

  • Coffee and Crumbs

Self help books + audible books

I have 3 top self help books I always recommend to people:

  1. Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

  2. Gabrielle Berstein has a bunch of deep spiritual books, that are beyond wonderful. I swear by all of them!

  3. Brene Brown is an extremely knowledgeable individual! She also has a show on Netflix if you haven’t already peeked!!

I found myself being able to get more clear with goals, the situations going on in my life, and give myself grace without any ounce of pity. I have many books by Gabrielle Berstein and Brene Brown, and often read Girl, Wash Your Face! I notice myself rotating through them constantly, because they offer me so much!


There is absolutely no shame is seeking a counsellor or therapist. They are able to help you work through traumas (past or present), difficult situations, support with mental health, and the support is able to be short term OR long term.

I have been toying at the idea of recording a podcast all about mental health, counselling, and natural ways to help improve your mental health! Counselling is such an amazing opportunity to help heal and grow your mind.

Note: those of you who reside in Canada, you are able to receive free counselling through Addictions and Mental Health Services. These are located in your nearest cities!


I know not everyone has the opportunity to find a mentor they love who can guide them through life.

However, a mentor is able to help you “short cut” through life, call you out on you BS, push you to your next level, and support you in many ways.

I have invested in short term mentorships and have never been discouraged by the care I received. I had grown so much in all areas of life, and immediately seen a difference in my life.

Mentorships can look like:

  • One on one support

  • Group masterminds

  • Counselling

  • Friendship with a more knowledgeable or wise individual

  • Specific course

I recommend all the above! They each play their own roll when necessary! For example, if you are looking for insane growth, one on one support or a mastermind is something you would want to look further into! If you are just looking for guidance and a slight shift, a course would be your best bet!

Journaling + Meditation

This is such a raw form of growth. Journaling and meditation pushes you to be mindful, elaborate, and face your flaws or excuses head on.

Not only do you notice things on a deeper level and greater scale, you understand yourself in a brand new way.

I wrote a post all about how to listen to your soul daily, and it touches on journaling and personal development so well!

I hope you were able to take some takeaways from this, and learned new ways and resources for growth!

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