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How To Listen To Your Soul Daily

How To Listen To Your Soul Daily

I used to think “listening to your soul” was this joke everyone who drank too much Kombucha understood. I’ll be honest, I used to make fun of everyone who used to meditate, do yoga, journal, drink a ton of water, and eat their veggies. #WhatWasIThinking

So, flash forward to now.

It has been a long journey from then, until now. It has been endless self- discovery, continuously learning to love myself, and many, many, many journals later.

I know why you’re here. To learn “how to listen to your soul daily” like this blog post title says. But, let me warn you.
It is not an overnight process.
But, let me fill you in with how I got to here.

  1. Take care of yourself.

    Sounds All sounds easy, peasy, lemon, squeezy?
    Well, it is. If you:
    Drink your water.
    Cut down on the sugar, caffeine, and processed food.
    Move your body for 30 minutes a day.
    Take vitamins.
    Everyone has their off days (or weeks!), but overall, this will help you be more intuitive with what your body is asking for vs. craving.
    So its difficult, difficult, lemon, difficult in the beginning.
    But just know, as time goes on, you will evolve and create positive habits that make the journey more manageable!

  2. Journal.

    I used to keep a journal when I was younger! I got super embarrassed once when my mom read my journal outloud to me and my siblings!
    I got over the trauma, I now regularly journal, and I notice pieces of my soul are splashing on the page. Whether I am doing a brain dump, or I am going into depth about my day. Usually I see “I just want a bath. I just want an hour of quiet time. I just want to get an assignment done. I just want the dishes done.”
    Your soul speaks to you in mysterious ways! Sometimes my journals look like a gratitude list, or an important thought I wanted to share. Journaling will connect you deeper to yourself. My latest fav journal here

  3. Personal development.

    I daily listen to podcasts, inspirational Youtube videos, and books! I feel like once I listen to a chunk of really valuable information, I am then able to apply it to my life. I notice myself climbing this ladder of “improvement” everyday I work on myself.

    (Tip: I choose to listen to my books because they make getting chores and tasks done so much easier! Podcasts are the most relaxed version of PD out there.)

    Gabrielle Bernstein’s book

    Girl, Wash Your Face

  4. Meditation.

    Be still. Breathe. Drink that tea. Relax. If you’re like me, the idea of sitting still for 10 minutes and just breathing seems like the most insane, unrealistic, and stressful part of the day. When I actually take the time to sit there, and I am encouraged to sit still in the discomfort, I surprisingly become more relaxed and more comfortable in my skin. I feel more calm, and like my “real” self just stepped out of hiding.

  5. Be aware of your relationships + environment.

    Have you ever noticed that after you get home from a coffee date or activity with someone how you feel empowered, loved, encouraged, and like a piece of art? Those are usually really healthy relationships and you were in an area good for your soul.

    Have you ever left a coffee date with someone and came home feeling depressed, worthless, exhausted? Was it the environment? Was it the person? Do you get this feeling every time? Being aware of what affects your mental, spiritual, and physical health is absolutely crucial. This ties in with being intuitive to your soul!

So, after reading this post, read it again. Then I encourage you to pull out a journal and start writing what thoughts went through your mind.

Did you resonate with any points?

How do you think you can honour yourself?

SO excited to watch you evolve!



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