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What Being a Mom and College Student Taught Me!

What Being a Mom and College Student Taught Me!

the most important day is when you decide you’re good enough for you

I had to meal prep, breastfeed, birth a baby, do my school work, work online, and stay on top of my relationships constantly. It can get hard fast. I encourage you to take bits and pieces and apply them to where applicable in your life!

Here are the top things I learned being in college and a mama to back to back babies!

  1. Meal prep will save you time and time again.

    If you haven’t meal prepped in your life, I am strongly encouraging you to start with dinners! It is incredibly easy to throw a meat of choice with a little water or broth, spices, maybe some veggies, turn it on low in the morning, and feast at dinner time!

    I wrote a blog post here how I keep eating healthy and prepping meals easy. Nobody has time for complicated tasks when they are always on the run!

  2. Learn to let go of what doesn't serve you.

    I have learned that there are things in life that will not serve you by crying over them, stressing, putting your valuable time and energy into them, and creating more mental chaos! I wrote a post about balancing the chaos here!

    You deserve to focus your time on either self- care, homework, your children, your relationships, or sleep! Do not stress over crappy people, or situations you cannot change!

  3. Get a planner and learn how to use it. Or else…

    If you haven’t already got one for during college, or even just for an ordinary busy life, you need to get one! I write down my top 3 cleaning priorities, my due dates, a reminder a few days before my assignments are due, medical appointments, blog post due dates, social media posts, as well as meal prep and meal ideas!

    It will change your life by writing out all the things you need to do, and give them appropriate times! I started using a planner for my important tasks, and then utilizing a google calendar!

    My first college semester was a bit rocky from not being organized with my time and to- do’s (great grades! Just very overwhelming…)

  4. Reach out to a counsellor or therapist if things get out of your realm!

    There is absolutely ZERO shame in going to a counsellor. I utilized free therapist throughout college, especially being pregnant through every single semester! I needed the extra support since my hormones + life was chaos. The stability lead me to success, and a really great place in life.

    Here in Alberta, there is free counselling for anyone who needs it! Such a blessing!

I would LOVE to hear what you learned while being in college… or even just having a busy life!

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