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How to Find Balance Within the Chaos

How to Find Balance Within the Chaos

I know that you came here for this 1 magic trick.

1 quick fix.

The secret of life.

You are mistaken. Truth be told, balance truly doesn’t exist. Let me explain:

Your life is already prioritized. From areas of your life, to goals, to tasks within those goals. To truly “finding balance within the chaos” is to have harmony and strategies. In other words: finding ways to make your life work together.

But, since you’re here, I will give you my 3 tips to creating less stress, and more flow, with a busy life!

  1. Value a healthy lifestyle.

    Meal prep, add in daily family walks, get a gym membership for some “you” time. I have a blog post already up on my 5 tips for meal prepping!
    But taking a step further and getting your body moving actually helps release some “feel good” hormones! Not only that, but it boosts self esteem, is an absolute energy changer, and obviously has some amazing health benefits!

    These are my ALL time favourite meal prep containers!

    Just know that a healthy lifestyle isn’t just fitness and how you’re feeding your body. A healthy lifestyle is also the thoughts you feed your mind! I am challenging you to listen to a podcast a day, read a self help book for 10 minutes a day, and incorporate meditation!

  2. Have routines in place.

    I have routines + systems to make my cleaning life smoother. Everything from my daily “must get done or else” tasks, to weekly cleaning, to decluttering goals go into my planner! This way I know exactly what all needs to get done every day.

    You can steal this one: Once a week, I throw a cartoon party in the morning. I get up about 2 hours before the kids, make pancakes, chop up fruit, have a movie ready to go with colouring books out, and the kids LOVE this pajama party.
    I also have the opportunity to get the entire kitchen clean before they are up! They watch 1 hour while I get as caught up as I can on laundry. This is not a daily occurance. I choose 1 day of the week to get a good deep cleaning done or laundry morning and make my kids excited for it, too!

  3. Own a planner!

    Without mine, I am not sure where I’d be.
    I schedule play dates, cleaning tasks, school assignments, classes, my workout times, bills, birthdays, and important tasks for the day!
    I also journal, and you can do that in your planner, or have a seperate book for that to write about how you feel or how a routine went! 10/10 recommend if you are aiming to find clarity in your life. I feel like I have to get a task done when it’s written down so I avoid procrastinating!

The real secret to “finding balance within the chaos” is really just

  • Stop procrastinating + plan

  • DO the work (even the gross, unfun, boring work)

  • Value yourself

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