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5 Ways to Add Value to Your Life

5 Ways to Add Value to Your Life

Have you ever felt like you’re “just a mom”? Or really, “just” you?

Some days, I feel like all I do is wipe dirty bottoms, clean Cheerios out of every crevice of my home, and give up my space. I sit on the floor, while nursing my newborn daughter, playing with toy cars on tracks with my toddler.

Some days, I feel like nothing goes right. My coffee spills, I get pooped on, and milk constantly spilled or sprayed, and the dishes dirty themselves by now.

But, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

You see, I am more than “just a mom”. I am not only a mom that does laundry (sometimes lol), dishes, and all house duties. But, I am also the mom who takes my kids outside to explore + play in the dirt.

I’m the mom that likes to find new adventures for the whole family and create positive memories.

I am the mom that loves preparing healthy meals and teaching my kids about a healthy lifestyle from the very beginning.

I am the mom that lets us blow bubbles in the house, have a ball pit in the living room, and bribes my kid with chocolate chips.

I am the mom who has a healthy marriage, and also a succeeding college student.

Now, I am not saying this to brag, because I worked very hard to get to this point. I want to share with you the steps I took in order to get from the thought process of “I am worthless” to “I am so priceless”.

  1. Find your purpose.

    What does this look like? Maybe a gym membership, starting a blog, working part- time, interning, going to college or university, volunteering, starting a business,. Find something that absolutely lights your soul on fire. This gives life a whole new perspective.

    I encourage you to find what you think makes this world a better place, what makes you feel like you have a spark of joy, and that brings you closer, daily to who you would like to be. This can look as simple as reflecting constantly in your life, journaling, having a mentorship, attending a bible study group, or finding your community!

  2. Learn to journal daily.

    My journal knows me better than anyone else!

    I write all of my fears, failures, successes, and my gratitude list daily. I become very present and aware of my worth and my identity by following through with documenting my emotions and experiences. Every individual who knows how to write or draw should have their very own journal to document the way they feel- in words or pictures.

    I swear: my soul whispers to me while I write and it makes me feel so important.

  3. Self care.

    News flash! Not the bubble bath, glass of wine, nails done kind of self care. Although, hopping into bed after having a nice bath, freshly shaved legs, moisturized head to toe, face mask, and clean skin is an extremely amazing feeling.

    The kind of self care I am truly talking about is where you heal yourself from the inside out; start with your inner child. Learn how to craft your flaws into quirks; learn how to follow your dreams without the fear of judgement; change your strange, negative beliefs. This is self- initiative so YOU must take charge.

    I absolutely recommend reading some personal growth books or listening to podcasts, then journaling, and then cautiously applying what you learned into your life. The thing with growth is you can read and hear “all of the things”, but you won’t see change until you change.

  4. Mindfulness.

    To me, this originally felt absolutely irrelevant. How can I find my passion and worth by sitting still and being aware of myself and my surroundings?

    This is really when I learned how my own thoughts and actions affected my energy, how much my surroundings affected me. I didn’t realize how much someones negative behaviour shifted my energy, and created anxiety within me. I also didn’t clue in that the days I was feeling absolutely amazing, I was doing things that made me feel whole, around people who made me feel loved.

    Here are some more examples:

    • Not doing the laundry or dishes left a room cluttered. This overall left me feeling overwhelmed and kept me procrastinating. It affected me seeing the bigger picture in my life.

    • Not doing a quick 10 minute tidy in every room before I went to bed. The kids have such a habit of being little tornadoes in the house, that I need to stay on top of everything. It becomes overwhelming when all your cleaning becomes “uncleaned”. I focused on quick 10 minute tidies in each room to reduce stress every night, and I would wake up so calm.

    (The biggest tip for mindfulness: keeping in mind what food I am feeding my body, and what thoughts I was feeding my mind.

  5. Self questionnaires.

    Discovering your roots, connecting with your true and inner self, reflection, and growth are key components to adding worth to your life. You can absolutely utilize Pinterest— here is my link with some self care + questionaire options!

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