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How I Earned $200 (and my sanity back)

How I Earned $200 (and my sanity back)

As a mom of 2 under 2, full time online college student, partner, writer, and human being… I can say my sanity is important.

Not only that, but it cost $$$ to raise kids, go to post secondary, to fulfill my mug collection, and to just live comfortably!

That is why I am going to share how I made $200 in less than 1 week, and also gained some of my sanity back!
You have probably heard of the KonMari method. If not, long story short: less is more, only own things that bring you value + happiness, and declutter with a purpose. I slowly adapted this mindset into my life.

What I noticed instantly:

  • Instead of a 20 minute toy pick up, it will now only take 5.

  • Instead of having 5 drawers of pants that I don’t even wear, I have 1 drawer that I fit AND wear.

  • Instead of having only lids or only containers in my container cupboard, I only own containers that have a matching lid. Sounds simple, right? Because it is, and it is LIFE CHANGING.

  • Instead of having an overflowing closet of clothes I hate, and cause me stress every morning when deciding an outfit… I can literally close my eyes reach out into my closet, and KNOW whatever i’m about to grab is going to be my jam.

You are probably thinking, “Adrianne, that is great. But, what about the $200?”

So, let’s move onto the money talk!

When decluttering my home, I will make 3 categories:

  1. Donations + good karma. I feel SO fulfilled after doing this. I will give my gently used hand- me- downs that don’t fit, gently played with kid toys, or any kitchen items I don’t use. The key word is GENTLY. Don’t give clothes or toys that look like they’ve been through a nuclear war.

  2. To sell. I have sold one of my couches that just took up too much space, I have sold random kitchen things still in their box + unused, I have sold my old clothes that still had price tags on… You truly decide what you think is worth selling! Like I said above, key word is gently.
    If it looked like it went through Hiroshima, you are gonna fail, girlfriend.

  3. Trash. I feel like this is very self explanatory, lol. (AKA, nuclear war worthy)

You definitely want to follow this step! You want to do this to every single drawer, cupboard, closet, nook + cranny, and area in your home. Do not skip a single space or item!!

Every item you should ask yourself: Do I use this often? Does this bring me joy? How would my life look without it?

Ideas of things to sell:

  • Anything that isn’t used regularly, that doesn’t bring you joy, or doesn’t add value to your life.

  • Home decor, that isn’t personalized. Desk, coffee table, area rug, night stand, etc.

  • Books + college textbooks

  • Excessive collections that are valuable that you no longer need

  • Clothing that is in wonderful shape (cardigans, heals, sweaters, jeans)

  • Kitchen appliances that are rarely used or in great condition

  • If you have children, gently used children items that just take up space.
    (** I notice that my kids rooms get cluttered FAST full of things we think we need. We did this process a few months again after I wrote this post and made more money from going through their room intentionally!)

  • Plants

I sold everything on kijiji and Facebook marketplace! I had everything gone within 1 week! My biggest tip is wipe down or wash everything you are selling before you take pictures for the aesthetic!

I know many friends who had large yard/ garage sales and made enough to pay their mortgage payment for the month. We try our hardest to keep a minimal house hold, since we are not yet in our forever home!

In 7 days, I had sold about $100 in clothing, $100 for the couch, and chunks of change for the random things I found NEVER used!

Pro tip: if you have an overabundance of extra clothes in good condition, I love taking them to consignment stores if I cannot sell them! My favourite place is Plato’s Closet! They pay you a small amount upfront so that you don’t have to wait forever for someone to buy your clothing! Any general consignment store will pay you after a sale is made.

But after making $200, I felt more free from the ability to have a clear and free space. The extra money was great, but the feeling of contentment never left. This is just encouragement that long term, deep feelings vs. the quick pay check is really worth every ounce of time!

Go through your space + declutter! Not only will you gain some extra cash, but you will also feel enlightened.

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