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The Best Iced Chai Tea Ever! (Every Mom's Essential)

The Best Iced Chai Tea Ever! (Every Mom's Essential)

The Best Iced Chai Tea Ever! (Every Mom's Essential)

You are going to laugh at me, and I give you permission.

I created this recipe because I forgot my chai tea on the counter for a couple hours and didn’t drink it. Again.

So… Let’s dive in! Finally for once, my mom brain really helped me!

Ingredients + Items Needed:

  • Glass mason jar

  • Metal straw (instead of plastic #SaveTheEarth)

  • Ice

  • Strongly steeped chai tea

  • Coffee creamer of choice: heavy cream, half & half cream, coconut milk, almond milk, store bought creamer, etc. (I chose Silk Coconut for Coffee Vanilla creamer!)

  • Optional: stevia, honey, or sugar for sweetness. The Silk Coconut for Coffee Vanilla creamer did not require any extra sweetener!

  • Optional: vanilla extract + cinnamon

Step 1:

Steep your chai tea for minimum of 2 hours. If a good iced chai tea is your favourite drink, I recommend making an entire pitcher of this to stay in the fridge.

This way you can make this guilt- free mama drink whenever you want!

chai tea1.jpeg

Step 2:

Fill your mason jar with ice!

I generally don’t like ice in my drinks (iced coffee, lemonade, or iced teas because it waters it down and I hate it.)

Despite my strange no- ice preference, the chai tea is so strong that I 100% recommend the ice!

Step 3:

Pour in your iced chai over the ice without the tea bag.

I recommend filling it about 3/4 the way full, so there is room for the creamer + stirring without any spillage!

Step 4:

This is the step where you add all the cream and extras!

I added:

  • Creamer

  • Vanilla extract

  • A dash of cinnamon

chai tea 4.jpeg

Step 5:

Once you added in your cream + extras, your iced chai tea is ready to drink!

I can imagine you can get really creative and use any type of tea. You could create a London Fog type drink with Early Grey tea, and vanilla based creamers; or a fruity kid- friendly iced tea using my same directions!

Tag me on instagram once you give this recipe a try: @adrianne.reelie

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