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5 Meal Prep Tips for The Busy People

5 Meal Prep Tips for The Busy People

A healthy lifestyle is extremely important to me! From keeping my mental sanity, physical appearance, and fulfilling my soul… it is all around an important piece to my life.

These are my super insanely easy tips for “staying on track” with healthy eating while on a busy schedule:

  1. Crock pots are your best friend.

    Crock pots are absolutely underrated.
    They are sent from heaven and should exist in every household.
    My biggest tip: if you are a horrible meal planner, at least throw in some sort of meat before you go to work or before the day officially starts. Steaming veggies and adding rice is a LOT easier than trying to decide what frozen meat you’ll cook for supper 5 minutes before an “I’m hungry” melt down!
    The clean up time is quick, and the cook time is very minimal.

  2. Wash all fruits + veggies as soon as you’re back from the grocery store.

    I wash my veggies in baking soda, lukewarm water, and a splash of vinegar. You know there will be enough baking soda in the water when your fingers are slippery! This saves a couple minutes during the lunch or dinner prep by not having to pause to wash everything. This leads me perfectly to my next point.

  3. Chop fruits and veggies for a few days worth of snacks for easy grabs to healthy alternatives.

    (This is kind of “2 b)”. )

    Ex) cut of the tops of strawberries; cut the stalk of celery for single “sticks”; slice cucumbers; cube pineapple etc. If someone had 2 options: a bag of chips or celery that needed to be chopped, which seems like the easier option?
    If health matters, do this step because “over indugling” on veggies is guilt free vs. an entire bag of BBQ chips!

    *** not that any food should be “guilty food”, but you are WORTH eating positively for.

  4. Utilize leftovers.

    I HATE wasting food. I put so much money, time, and creativity to prepare a meal. I usually make enough for dinner so that the next day, we also get a lunch out of it! It saves us so much time, panicking, and money buying creating meals in bulk!
    Fun fact: I actually save on average $100 by buying meat in bulk, cooking in bulk, and utilizing left overs!

  5. Eat whole foods + plan treats.

    I have followed meal plans to a T, I have also been the opposite of a clean eater, and I have fallen in between before.
    I believe in not restricting yourself and focusing on lean meats, veggies, fruit, and healthy carbs + healthy fats is the best way to have a sustainable lifestyle.
    Keeping a mindset that if it isn’t a 1 or 2 ingredient food, it probably shouldn’t enter my body has saved me!

Meal prep containers that saved my life here!!!

What are your favourite meals to prep?

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